About Me

I guess this is the place where I am supposed to write about my accolades and achievements. To be honest, I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary. I haven’t climbed Everest; I haven’t set up a charity for the poor in a far flung place in the world; nor have I made it on the Forbes richest list.

The only thing worth mentioning here is that I have always had a passion to write. With years on my side, I want to share personal anedotes about life after divorce; to let women know they will not just survive but actually thrive! I want to give them a window on a world which they haven’t yet seen, most likely because they can’t believe they will get through their darkest days. I hope to make a modest yet positive difference to someone’s day. If I could do that, that’d be fantastic. Either way, I hope readers will be enthused and feel inspired about their own life journeys.

I have been fortunate to have had a rich life so far – rich in the encounters and experiences I have had along the way. Though from the UK, I have lived in Asia, North Africa and most recently, returned from a 7 year stint in Saudi Arabia. In between, I have traveled to many countries and met a myriad of people and delved into new cultures and languages. All of these wonderful opportunities have shaped the person I am today. Insha’Allah, some of those encounters and experiences I will mention as I continue to blog. For every experience I have had, positive or not, I am grateful as it has made me stronger and wiser. Of course, I cannot forget my children who have been my closest companions by my side. My time with them has been the richest of all.


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