Why ‘MyMotherHalf’ ?

For years I’ve had a desire to write about that huge chunk of my life called Motherhood and yet all that time I told myself that others would have heard it all before; I’d be writing a soliloquy and speaking on a stage without an audience. Yet I always believed that the experience of writing had the potential to be cathartic for me. And so, the idea of writing a blog, I confess, is primarily a selfish one. Though I have been a terrible proscratinator, I knew one day I would take the plunge and simply get started.

Creating a blog is a daunting prospect for me.  Not because I’m a Luddite or that my thoughts and ideas are muddled but because I have no idea where it’ll lead.

What I do know is that I have lots to say.

I want to reflect on my experiences of being a Muslim mother at the helm of a family of four young teenage boys; steering the ship alone without an adult male presence and sharing the highs and lows of that unpredictable journey.  I also want to help others understand that being a mother is only a part of my life – that there are so many dimensions of existence that come within a single being. Whilst being a mother is arguably the noblest of all roles a woman may be blessed with, it isn’t the only label she wears. Simultaneously, mothers juggle so many other roles even though they are often sidelined without choice.

What might surprise readers is that this blog isn’t invariably going to be a sombre place to empty out my jar jammed with frustrations. (I’m sure I will have those moments).  But, insha’Allah (God willing), in this blog I hope others will – more than occasionally – find quite the opposite happens.  Through writing, there will be expressions of laughter, tears and just good old-fashioned inner reflection.

I write from the perspective of a Muslim and a woman and a warrior – someone whose battles are sometimes with herself and sometimes with those who have their misaligned perceptions of being a lone parent.  I don’t speak from a male-hating podium.  I stand from a platform simply to let other women, in a similar boat to me, know that they are not alone.  We serve as mirrors to one another.  No two people have identical life experiences but I hope those who stumble across my future posts will find relatable anecdotes.  What do I hope to achieve here?  I hope my musings will help women, especially Muslim women, reconcile their faith in Islam with their own daily struggles. 

I am not on a proselytising mission. Let’s get that clear from the start.  My posts will be honest and open insights into parenting alone.  By taking my readers as passengers on my own journey, I hope to give them the quiet confidence and courage to map out their own inner travels in life.

Sabia A.

9 thoughts on “Why ‘MyMotherHalf’ ?

  1. Can’t wait for this to START!!! Some good old fashioned writing. Honest and Frank.. writing that is not sensationalised for the reader… Fantastic

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  2. Mashallah so proud of you. Your strength and wisdom always shines and I know it will do so with everyone of your posts. May Allah SWT place barakah and benefit for all in your writing and may Allah SWT raise you in rank for protecting and advising your sisters and future generations

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    1. Jzk Parveen. If my blog can give others the courage and conviction to muster the strength to go on, as mothers on their own or not, then I feel I have made a modest contribution to humanity. I hope this blog will do that for you too xx

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  3. Inspirational, honest and heartwarming blog💗After 17 years of raising my family alone, I realise now that Allah SWT IS the best of planners. Contentment can only be achieved if hearts are at peace. Praying Allah SWT for you sister Sabia, to send peace in your heart and strength to carry on regardless. You’re an amazing soul, may you be happy always 🥰

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    1. Jzk Fethia for your lovely words. If there is anyone I look to for inspiration and as a role model, it’s you. I am in awe of what you’ve achieved and with such positivity Alhamdulillah. I wish you continued success in your endeavours inshaAllah and that your girls always understand what a great mother they have. xx


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