Who’s Watching Me?

Writing for an Invisible Audience

Every time I put a new post up on my site, I wonder which inadvertent stranger will stumble across my musings and either nod in approval or shake their head in despair.  I cannot help but be curious when I see how far and wide the readers are located.  They have stretched from Canada to China, from Ireland to India and beyond.  Looking at the world map on the screen, it’s quite humbling to see how my small blog has found its way around the world and seemingly connected a few people together. 

I wonder about the reader on the other side; those who I have never met and yet, for some unknown reason, they have felt drawn to read whatever I have written.  I like to imagine that I have touched a life or two and even for a passing few moments, brought some hope or relief to their lives. 

I must confess that I imagine the overwhelming majority, if not all, of my readers to be women.  I guess that statement shouldn’t come as a surprise.  After all, the title of my blog, mymotherhalf.com, does imply a heavy bias towards women.  Having said that, I wonder if there have been any men out there who have felt compelled to read anything I’ve written.  I say this because I recently read a Facebook post by an Islamic scholar who wrote a poignant passage extolling the tenacity and patience of the single mother.  His words were quite insightful and it earned him much praise from those women who felt they had finally been given well-deserved acknowledgment from a prominent public Muslim male figure.  Interestingly too, though, the feedback also included a small handful of men who, as single fathers raising their children, demanded not to be overlooked in the list of accolades. Quite rightly too.

Personally, I do not know of any man, Muslim or not, who has found himself left holding the baby after the wife has left with divorce.  However, I know I would be especially in awe of any father who has taken on the challenge and been coping.  I say this only because I believe it is against the inherent nature of man to sacrifice his own personal goals and ambitions to put his children first.  Women can – and have – been doing that since the beginning of time.  Men, less so.  I am sure the statistics would corroborate my view. So, I would like to use my tiny platform here to send my appreciation to all the menfolk out there too who are the unsung heroes of the single parenting realm. 

If there is anyone who is reading this right now, who finds themselves in a similar situation to where I am in my life, I hope you realise you are not alone.  The window I have opened onto my world is as much for joy and hope to radiate out as it is for positive energy to bounce right back – even if I may never come to know how I have stirred others onto a path of self-reflection.

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