40+ years and a Cup of Coffee

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This is one of those blogs where I am simply going to write as the thoughts come to my mind, minus the typos inshaAllah.

Today, I met up with a school friend from my childhood after 41 years! Over a cup of coffee, we settled in our seats ready to enlighten the other about our time on this Earth to date. Where do you start with someone who you haven’t seen in over forty years? As expected, we only just scratched the surface, reminiscing on our school days, wondering where others were now and discussing the different things we have accomplished in the years gone by.

What was quite lovely to note was that although this friend of mine is a devout Christian, and myself a Muslim, sitting there reflecting on our lives, we both observed that there is a wonderfully shared commonality between us. Yes, our lives are bound by different religious belief systems but at the core of those systems, our principles are the same. There is a great overlap where we share the same values such as a deep belief in one God, respect for human life and a sense of accountability for our actions. But neither of us were on a proselytising mission. We had just come together for a few hours to enjoy each other’s company – and we did. Finding that common ground, above and beyond our early school days, was refreshing.

Then there was the thought permeating my mind throughout that, Alhamdulillah, I have experienced so much in my life and yet here I was today reconnecting with my past. In doing so, I got to hear myself speak about my life and mentally acknowledge how much I have actually achieved, Alhamdulillah. It isn’t a life that anyone will talk about in a public setting years after I have gone but that’s OK. I am so immensely grateful to Allah for giving me every single positive and negative experience, for it is with the good, bad and the ugly that we are strengthened through life and become resilient to the things that it throws at us over time. Am I making any sense? Perhaps only in my own head. I would ask my readers to forgive my incoherence.

In a nutshell, I guess I am simply trying to say that I am so eternally grateful for my life. Every day that comes and goes, I become increasingly aware of this gift. I do believe that experiencing life beyond our four walls is so important. I have been blessed to have had such interesting encounters with people from all walks of life and backgrounds and I’d like to think that on many occasions, the feeling was mutual. It is warming to know that your life, your presence, has touched a few lives and made them better for it. If that is my legacy to this world, then I simply say, “Alhamdulillah”. Whatever I have left of my time here, I hope to continue to embrace all that comes my way and always know that I only get one chance at it.

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