New Year, New Adventures

When we wish one another a ‘Happy New Year’, I’m very aware it’s not because we are ungrateful for the year that has just passed. It’s more about looking forward to new things which have yet to be discovered.

Starting at the head of a new year is a convenient excuse to remind ourselves of that perpetual journey – the constant quest to seek and get more out of life. Not in the selfish sense but in a way where we are always aware of the diminishing nature of time itself.

I enter this year with gratitude for the things I’ve pulled through till now and with hopefulness of good things to come. I know challenges lie ahead too because no life is without them.

Yet this is a moment to be just still and take it all in and reflect…

The goals I have set myself for this coming year are not new. Rather, they are a continuum from 2022 but the challenge is to keep forging ahead. As long as I have good health and a default happy state of mind, underpinned by my faith in Allah, I can only expect that the future will be bright inshaAllah.

Chasing Away the Clouds

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