Celebrating My Children on Mother’s Day

Celebrations All Ways

So today marks Mother’s Day. I’ve spoken about this topic before so don’t want to repeat myself. Suffice to say, I still believe every day is Mother’s Day simply because the status of mother is such that she is always well-deserving of any good favours that come her way. Truth is, a mother’s sacrifices and toil can never be fully reciprocated. Does that make me feel entitled? Yes. And I say that unashamedly.

But here’s the thing. I couldn’t be a mother without having had children and today I want to pay tribute to my sons. Alhamdulillah, I have been blessed with them in my life and I feel that the past few years, having gone through the rough and smooth together, they have made my experience of motherhood a truly unique and very special one. I have learnt from them perhaps as much as they have learnt from me – even more in some situations. They have allowed me the privilege of calling myself ‘mother’, Alhamdulillah.

I often reflect on events of the past few years and now understand that an unforeseen gain was that there are now no more extraneous factors to come between my sons and I. That’s not to say that we don’t have our disagreements. Of course we do. However, without the unnecessary influence or interference of other people or things, we are free to resolve those issues amongst ourselves, by ourselves and for ourselves.

A Connection Never Lost

Motherhood has exciting phases throughout: from the time our children are born and are totally helpless and innocent, to the time they go through all the physical growth and academic stages and then, (where I am at now), where I look forward to them maturing into young men who are ready to take on the world in their own capacity. I am not waiting to see them line their pockets with burgeoning sums of money, or to become career-obsessed to the oblivion of all else that matters in life. I am in constant hope that they will simply continue to be decent human beings and embody modesty and humility all along the way.

The tables are slowly turning now. It’s my time to take a back seat and gradually let them take charge of me, inshaAllah. Not that I want life handed to me on a plate. I have never accepted that of anyone and doubt I ever will. However, the balance of responsibility for everyday life should shift from me to them and I pray I live to see that day.

Whilst I do miss the days when my sons were very young, I am equally content that I have been able to witness what I see emerging in front of my eyes, Alhamdulillah. I am grateful that Allah has given me this experience. I am grateful to my sons for giving me this experience.

So, Mother’s Day, whether it is that single day celebrated in March, or every day of the year that mothers exist, is incomplete if it does not acknowledge those people who have given women the privilege of motherhood itself. To my sons, my children – may Allah reward you all immensely. Ameen.

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