A Week of Work

Working to Live and not Living to Work

This is an appropriate time to reflect and assess how I got on this past week in my new part-time job. One thing I promised myself was that work was not going to consume my life. So far, so good. Being a part-time role, I know that is a huge factor in allowing me to maintain the social distance between my working life and personal life. Let’s see how long I can sustain it but I am hopeful.

That hope is driven by the fact that I am determined that my paid job is never going to be the sole focus of my life. I continue to strive to make the most of my time and squeeze as much as I can out of every 24 hours. Therefore, my day will never begin and end with the job. I know I am fortunate to have the option not to work in a regular 9-5 job and the deep gratitude I have for that freedom is to fill that time with useful pursuits that will help me become a better human being. Whether that be my charitable causes or seeking beneficial knowledge of some kind, the time to be still and idle will be kept minimal, inshaAllah.

Looking back on the past 6+ years where I have headed a family on my own, I have learned a great deal. The experiences garnered along the way haven’t all been wonderful but they have all been soul-nurturing and for that, I am truly grateful. To have lived a life in ignorant bliss is one which would have been easy but not enriching. I know this duniya was never meant to be a place of constant ease and yet we are all tested within the parameters of our own tolerance levels.

I am grateful to be ‘out there’ again in mainstream society and to be learning along the way. It’s the first proper job I’ve had in the UK since having my children so I have a lot of catching up to do. It feels like I’ve been stirred from a deep slumber after 20+ years. I can’t imagine how the companions of the cave felt as is recorded in the Quran (Surah Kahf). I recall praying to Allah that He would give me a job which would suit my needs etc. and He has done just that. SubhanAllah. To remind ourselves of the prayers that are answered is to be humbled totally in the presence of our Maker. 

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